Common Commercial Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

In this article we’re going to discuss about some misconceptions about commercial carpet cleaning.

Let’s check out;

Myth 1: You Should Wait For Long Before Cleaning A Carpet

Carpets are designed to hide dirt. They can collect pounds of debris within a few days. Dry sand is similar to sandpaper; every time you put your foot on the carpets, they will grind more into the carpets.

If you leave the carpet in the same condition for a prolonged period, it will start looking worn out and damaged. Even if you use a high-quality carpet vacuum, the carpet will not return to its original appearance.

What will happen if you scratch a mirror with sandpaper? Can you undo the effects of cleaning or any other method? The same thing happens with the carpets.

Hence, your only ally is a carpet vacuum that can keep the carpets clean and new looking for a long time. Do not wait to vacuum clean the carpets; it will only double the damage, and you have to invest in a new carpet soon.

Myth 2: Dirt Is The Only Reason For Carpet Cleaning

Dirt Is The Only Reason For Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are nothing less than a significant germ attractor. Not only soil from the shoes, but a rug also traps pollutants, toxins, and pathogens, while it circulates in the air.

Tobacco smoke is an excellent example of such compounds, which contains over 4, 000 chemicals. Out of them, 43 are toxic to human health and cause cancer.

Even if you do not smoke, this poisonous substance can enter your house via shoes. So, maintain a clean working environment by regular cleaning of carpets; not only to remove the debris but also to kill the allergens and other microbial.

Myth 3: You Should Not Use Hot Water For Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective way for carpets, primarily when accomplished by professionals. Hot water or moisture can only harm the carpets when it’s done by a poorly trained individual.

Moisture can further damage the carpets if it is subjected to over steaming or over-shampooing. You should also let the carpets dry before you place furniture or any other objects on them.

Myth 4: Having The Right Machine Is All You Need To Clean The Carpets

Right Machinefor Clean The Carpets

You can purchase a high-quality carpet vacuum, but if you or the cleaning staff don’t know how to use it? Then your investment will not be the worth.

So, you will need qualified cleaning staff that can handle a carpet or commercial carpet cleaner (see the top products in UK). Even if you contact a professional cleaning service, make sure they have a trained team; otherwise, you will be paying for minimal work.

Myth 5: A Company Offering The Cheapest Cleaning Package Is The Best

Not, a low priced deal may not include the services you want. Or it may include additional costs at the billing time. If it sounds ridiculously low, then there has to be some catch.

Even if there are no price differences, it means the company is using uninsured machines or a workforce that is not trained enough to use a carpet vacuum. So, while choosing a carpet cleaning service – look for qualified professionals, not low prices.

Myth 6: You Can Get An Honest Quote For Carpet Cleaning Over The Phone.

We all wish it to be correct, but actually, it’s not. An honest cleaning company can only give you a quote after inspecting the cleaning area; how dirty the carpets are what is the level of cleaning till date.

There are different types of rugs, including synthetic, fibers, plush, pile, and weaved. What kind of carpets you have in the office or house? The quote will vary according to the same.

Myth 7: Eco-friendly Cleaning Services Are Not Worth It

Of course, they are. Naphthalene and Perchloroethylene, two of the six toxic substances found in the carpet cleaning products.

A sniff once in a while cannot be a problem, but think about a working environment wherein these poisonous compounds are gripped inside the carpets. Protect everyone who walks on your carpets, prefer eco-friendly cleaning products and services.