5 Incredible Treadmill Hacks That Can Help Shave More Pounds

To lose weight, you need to do more than run at the same speed and slant every time you exercise. By sticking to only one duration, speed and incline, you limit the calorie-burning power of the exercises, and you may even wind up getting bored.

The good thing about using a treadmill is that you can always tweak the settings of the machine such that you can do both mild running exercises and tedious muscle-building sprints. Shaving as many pounds as you want will be easy if you use these five tricks and tips.

1. Change Things Up

According to an exercise physiologist at Running Strong in Atlanta, GA, Janet Hamilton, the function of exercise in weight loss seems simple. After all, we exercise to burn calories, and burning calories is easy when you intensify or increase the duration of the workout.

Treadmill Change Things Up

However, this is where the problem lies: intense exercises means you’re working close to your maximum heart rate. Of course, this also suggests that you tend to tire quickly. Meanwhile, slow, comfortable exercises do not do much in terms of weight loss, at least not in a short time.

With this in mind, what is the balance? It’s simple. Janet Hamilton recommends that on certain days you can do your usual 20 to 30 minutes exercises a little bit faster. On other days, elongating your workout sessions while doing them slower will make a huge difference.

2. Having Trouble with Inclines? Why Not Do it the Smart Way.

It sounds effortless when your instructor asks you to increase your incline and burn more colonies. Hamilton explains that while most people are aware of how slopes help to burn more fat, they get on the treadmill, start the slope, and hold on for dear life, completely losing consciousness of this simple fact.

Hamilton goes ahead to advise that perhaps settling the incline and forgetting about it is not the most effective way. Instead, you can pretend that you’re in the outdoors, really climbing a hill. Learn to climb a hill with the same ease you’re going at a flat road. Now, this can require that you reduce your speed a little. Even so, it provides ample opportunity to strengthen your legs and hips.

Janet Hamilton also suggests that you try incline intervals. Set the incline between 2 and 4% for 1 or 2 minutes, while letting your speed drop 0.1 or 0.2. Reduce your slope to 0 for the same amount of time and repeat. You can proceed to work on speed once you’ve learned how to minimize your effort on the incline.

3. Master Your Speed

Treadmill Master Your Speed

If you wish to save time on your workouts while still getting your desired result, one way to do that is by adding intervals to your workouts. Research in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise revealed that ladies tend to burn fatter when they do sprints for 2 minutes and rest for 3 minutes. On the other hand, ladies who go the slow and steady route barely see any result.

Again, Hamilton advises that you begin with intervals in 1:2 or 1:1 ratio. In other words, you need to increase your speed for 30 to 60 seconds and then reduce it for the same time duration or double.

She also suggests that you pick a speed that you can hold for between 2 and 5 minutes. However, you can still increase the intensity if you feel up to it. Get accustomed to these exercises before pushing yourself any harder.

4. Sometimes, You Need to Keep Going

There are times when you have enough energy to exercise longer. Hamilton claims that by merely doing a longer workout, you can get rid of about 50 percent more calories. If you used to do 20 minutes before, you can up your calorie-burning game by increasing the duration to 30 minutes.

Ideally, you need not do this every day. It isn’t advised. Simply choose days when you switch things up a little and run for longer. You get to burn a lot of fat this way.

5. Keep Doing Other Workouts Too!

As suggested in a study released in The Journal of Applied Physiology, the best way to burn calories is not by doing the same set of exercises every time. For the best result, you need to know how to blend resistance training with intervals while mastering endurance and stretching.


Yes! You are now well equipped to start your pound shaving journey anew. You don’t think these tips will work? Why not try and see for yourself? Good luck!