How Do You Adjust A Reel Mower?

Getting a well-manicured lawn involves a lot of work. An excellent place to start is to get a reel mower. If you have one already, that’s a good thing. However, you do need to know how to adjust your reel mower so that it can cut your grass cleanly and smoothly. If not, your mower will not work as efficiently as it ought to. The reel mower is also known as a hand lawn mower.

Therefore, how do you adjust a reel mower? This exact question is what we’ll be providing answers to in this post. Do well to keep reading.

How To Adjust A Reel Mower

A-Reel-MowerWhen it comes to mowing grass and keeping it groomed, the grass should never be torn from the soil. If this is done, it could leave wounds on the grass and cause diseases. Therefore, to make sure that your reel mower trims the lawn accurately, ensure that the blades are adjusted the right way.

Before looking at how to adjust the blades, you must know how a reel mower works.

A reel lawn mower cuts grasses by pushing the grass against a horizontal cutting bar. It does this using a twisted cut blade. The bar is located at the base of the machine. What this means is that the bent blades need to be within reach of the bar every time.

Let’s look at how you can tune the blades of your reel mower finely to achieve a clean-cut lawn.

  • Step 1: Find the Right Position

Begin by placing your reel mower on a working table. Make sure to use an arresting system, if you have one, to prevent the cylinder from cycling. If you don’t have an arresting hook, hook the blades using a piece of wood.

  • Step 2: Do Your Assessment

Now is the time to inspect your reel mower and determine it’s a current state. To do this, remove the arresting system and turn the reel. If you hear any scraping sound, it means the blades are too close to the metal bar. Also, if the blades move too freely, it means they are too far from the cutting bar.

  • Step 3: Performing the Adjustment

To adjust your reel mower, there are four screws that you must tamper with. Two are situated on the reel itself while the other two are on the cutting bar.

Using a flat screwdriver, turn the screws that are on the sides of the reel. If you tighten it slightly, you can move the blades near the cutting bar. This is what to do when the blade and chatting bar are too far apart. However, to move the blades away from the cutting bar, loosen the screws slightly.

Once you’re through with the reel, move to the cutting bar. If you move the screw in an opposite motion to the screws on the reel, you’ll be able to bring the cutting bar closer or farther away from the blades.

  • Step 4: Make Regular Assessments

Quality-of-CutAs you rotate the screws on the reel and cutting bar, take a few minutes to turn the reel and see if they are in a perfect position. If they are not, keep adjusting until you get the positioning is right.

To know whether or not you have gotten the right distance between the cutting bar and blade, pass a piece of paper through the blade. If it cuts smoothly in a scissors-like manner, then your reel mower is well-set.

You do have to note that a small movement of the adjustment screws can cause a significant result on the reels or cutting bar. On a basic level, various models have standard screw positioning. Otherwise, check the user’s manual.

Always move your hands out of the way quickly when turning the reels to check the adjustments. This is to avoid cutting yourself in any way. Once you get the setting right, you’re done, and you now have a well-adjusted reel mower.

Final words

Reel mowers are very easy to use and maintain. If you adjust the machine the right way before using it, you will have a healthy, well-trimmed lawn. You need to carry out the maintenance of your reel mower immediately you notice a drop in the performance of the reel mower. Thankfully, these mowers can work for months before any adjustment will be needed.

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