How To Choose A Shower Head

A shower head one of the primary components of your bathroom that makes it functional. Easy to use, such fixtures give you a feeling of comfort and also makes your lifestyle convenient. These are the primary reasons why it’s crucial to look for one of the best shower heads that can suit your style as well bathroom.

However, you need to know the available types of showerheads prior to that. It will help you to match the appearance as well as dimensions so that you can choose an appropriate model for your bathroom.

How To Choose A Shower Head

# Ceiling Mountable Shower Heads

Ceiling Mountable Shower Head

You can install a ceiling spray head anywhere in the bathroom. Such a showerhead does not need a wall for support and hence its suitable for small bathing areas. Not only it will save some space, but you will also get comfortable space to clean yourself without much movement. There are two form factors available in the category of ceiling mountable showerheads. According to Homegearable, read the reviews of ceiling mounted rain shower.

Concealed ceiling shower heads: Suitable for modern washrooms, a concealed ceiling head comes with minimalistic and elegant design. Built on the best available plumbing technologies, such showerheads add luxury to your washroom and give it a unique appearance.

Check the HNBMC Bathroom set, which comes with a 20 inch concealed shower head and a handheld. There are multiple spray modes that you can use depending upon the mood. Moreover, there are LED lights that change according to the temperature.

Ceiling shower head with arm: Available in round, oval, square and some other customized form factors, these ceiling showerheads use a connecting arm. Such showerheads are available with a variety of finishes as well as useful features.

Whether you need to deal with low water pressure or you need a cost-effective bathing solution for your bathroom, ceiling shower heads are suitable. Check the SR SUN RISE 12 Inch Rain Shower that has a very attractive shape and brushes nickel finish.

# Wall Mount Shower Heads

wall mount shower head

Another category of the shower heads that attaches to your bathroom wall. Suitable for both compact and large washrooms, a wall-mounted showerhead is available in a variety of designs and finishes. So, whether you have a traditional bathing area or a vintage washroom, you can find one of these showerheads to suit the purpose.

Built-in wall shower heads: If your bathroom needs to look aesthetically excellent than you should look for a built-in wall head. You can also try a shower panel like ROVOGO Tower, which is somewhat different from the inbuilt, but serves the same purpose; make your bathroom stylish and luxurious.

Wall mountable shower heads with arm: Apart from the built-in models and shower columns, wall-mountable showerheads also use an arm to assemble. You can check the SR SUNRISE 10-inch shower combo that can suit any of the bathrooms. Its sleek design suits any of the interior décor while the brushed nickel finish mixes well with other fixtures.

# Matt Black Shower Heads

Matt black shower heads

Black matte finish looks elegant and matches a bathroom décor like no other. There are multiple showerheads available with the same finish that you can choose according to your style and available space. Round and square-shaped shower heads are the most common in this category. Check the KOHLER 72419-BL, which is one of the best shower heads with a matte black finish.

Final Talk

Modern showerheads are available with multiple spray modes and several other interesting features like LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, Air energy technology to deal with low water pressure, silicon nozzles for better cleaning, ceramic valve for leakage-free experience and so on. As there are many options available, it’s not a big deal to find something suitable for your bathroom after spending a few minutes on Amazon. Look for an option that suits your bathroom décor, space and finally your budget.


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