The Big Chill meets The Group in Deborah Copaken Kogan’s wry, lively, and irresistible new novel about a once-close circle of friends at their twentieth college reunion.


“A smart, funny, engrossing, and action-packed meditation on women’s lives, growing up, having and not having it all, class and the expectations that come with having gone to Harvard, love lost and found, infidelity and sexuality, and finally, loss and lying, especially to yourself.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Hilarious, addictive…a brilliant, exquisitely modern exposé of just how far from perfect the lives of the elite can be…Kogan’s characters are so fully realized, their dilemmas so profoundly human, that we come to see them not as members of the vaunted ruling class but as flawed, farcical versions of our own imperfect selves.”


, a “People Pick” 4 out of 4 stars

“Destined-to-be-a-classic…a sharply funny, clear-eyed examination, in the vein of Mary McCarthy’s The Group, of the power and burden of privilege, the reality of being a modern woman, and the lasting bonds of female friendship.”

Vanity Fair

“Utterly engrossing.”

Entertainment Weekly, “Must List”

“Ms. Kogan’s novel, which chronicles the 20th reunion of four roommates from the Class of ’89, confirms what readers of the Red Book know: Once you start reading it, you can’t stop.”

New York Times

“Kogan nailed The Way We Live Today in every mordant detail.”


“Loved The Red Book by Deborah Copaken Kogan…a wonderfully epic ‘cradle to grave’ story…about the enduring power of friendship.”

—U.K.’s Daily Express

“Kogan does an admirable job of giving her diverse group uniquely personal narration styles, and some refreshingly comic scenes…Kogan’s commitment to her characters is evident in this sweeping novel, where remembrances of things past mingle with the characters’ excitement and unease at what their futures hold…[a] snappy, empathetic portrait of past regrets, settled scores, and shared history.”


“The prose is smart and funny…Kogan writes thoughtfully about contemporary women.”

Dallas Morning News

“I’m sure I’ll end up discussing The Red Book with my friends; maybe I’ll even buy copies for a few of them so we can discuss its zeitgeisty panache. Surely, this means that Kogan, that wily Harvard grad, has done something right.”

The Washington Post

The Red Book has just the right mix of tenderness and laugh-out-loud moments. A heady, addictive read, which races along at breakneck speed.”

Red Magazine


“Entertaining…the Red Book is an enjoyable read that believes that self-knowledge is worth more than a $120,000 education.”

The Christian Science Monitor

The Big Chill for the Facebook generation.”

—Adam Gopnik, author of Paris to the Moon

“Refreshingly comic…Kogan’s commitment to her characters is evident in this sweeping novel…this snappy, empathic portrait of past regrets, settled scores, and shared history is an engaging read.”


“As the Great Recession batters even the best and the brightest, Harvard’s class of 1989 gathers for a reunion in this timely and entertaining novel.”

O, The Oprah Magazine

“Piercing…a deliciously descriptive, fun, and insightful book.”
The Daily Beast

“Witty, astute…Kogan examines the ways we sabotage ourselves and makes the case that even halfway through your story, there’s time to pull off a reversal.”


“Savvy social commentary…a frank and funny meditation on economics and contemporary family life…Kogan serves up the zeitgeist with zest.”

The Kansas City Star

“Kogan has crafted a cast of characters who are relevant, authentic, and very human. A worthy, witty, and engrossing addition to the canon of reunion fiction occupied by Mary McCarthy’s The Group, Elizabeth Berg’s The Last Time I Saw You, and Tim O’Brien’s July, July.”

Library Journal

“[Kogan] has a great eye and ear, nailing the ironic cadences, earnest preoccupations and buzzwords of the fortysomethings who people her book. Moreover, she is, quite simply, a hell of a writer, with great momentum and style and zero sentimentality or dumbness.”


“An unforgettable class reunion…Fans of Mary McCarthy’s The Group will be drawn to these women (and the men who come in and out of their lives) as they struggle with their identities in their respective professional and personal fields.”


“The plot details friendship, love, sexuality, parenting, careers, education, and more, but ultimately this is a book about…life. Centered on sex and love, the two essential elements of any human relationship, Kogan’s tale confirms that successful relationships cannot have one without the other regardless of how hard one tries to make it work when an element is missing. The reader is forced to see the results of the desire and longing that leads to affairs and heartbreak in order to witness the richness that we all search for in our relationships.”

—Indie Next list

“Striking, funny, sad, and true-to-life, The Red Book sweeps us into the intersecting lives of characters who all started their adult lives in the same place, but upon whom time works both its magic and its entropy. Deborah Copaken Kogan is a deeply feeling writer, and this novel is a joy to read.”

—Dani Shapiro, author of Devotion

“I gobbled up The Red Book in two days, ignoring my work, my family, my life, so immersed was I in the lives of the people Deborah Copaken Kogan has so masterfully brought to life. Kogan’s eye is at once wry and empathetic, and the book is a delight.”

—Ayelet Waldman, author of Red Hook Road

The Red Book, which is filled with Deborah Copaken Kogan’s smart take on everything from friendship to sex to child raising to getting over the past—or not—makes for old-school compulsive reading.”

—Meg Wolitzer, author of The Uncoupling