What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Gutters

Without a gutter, rainwater will flow haphazardly and accumulate on your property. It can also cause damage to your house. Therefore, gutters are absolutely important. However, merely having gutters is not nearly enough. These gutters also have to be unclogged to function properly.

So, What Happens if You Don’t Clean Gutters?

Various materials including leaves, twigs, and other debris tend to find their way into the channel and block it. If this happens, water will not flow as it should thus causing some damages to your property. So, make sure to clean your gutters or you’ll be stuck with the following issues:

Foundation Damage: Foundation damage occurs when you neglect your clogged gutters and then rainwater overflow the gutters and fall to the foundation of your house. Water in the foundation will cause the soil to soften.

The result of this is that the foundation begins to crack. When foundation issues get worse, you could have a structural failure on your hands.

Basement Leaks: Apart from damaging the foundation of a building, water draining into the foundation can also reach basement walls and cause the basement to start leaking. Oftentimes, when a large quantity of water manages to store against basement walls, it eventually leads to water damage and leaks.

In addition to this, the water can also result in flooding, black mould, and bad smells.

Insect Infestation: Do you know how insects generally love dirty areas? A clogged gutter can give them the opportunity to thrive. You know why? Insects and mould also love moisture.

Eventually, this insect will start finding their way into their home and before you know it, you’re dealing with insect infestation. Plus, insects that eat wood like carpenter ant and termite are easily attracted to branches and decayed leaves like those often found in gutters.

These insects are capable of causing serious damage once they penetrate your home.

gutter cleaning

Rotted Wood: Usually, a clogged gutter will overflow, and water will settle in the gutter even after the rain. This trapped water will then cause soffit boards and wood fascia to rot. The wood rot can even extend to the attic and pave the way for rodents to access your home.

Landscape Damage: As water pours from a blocked gutter, they may hit and kill the plants on the ground. the water can also wash away the topsoil of the area causing remarkable damage to the curb appeal of your home. In fact, if the situation is not taken care of early enough, it could destroy the whole landscape design of your home.

Roof Leaks: Another effect of blocked gutters is the accumulation of ice on the roof during winter. Because melted snow cannot drain away from the top of the building effectively, they will remain on the house for a long time.

Eventually, the liquid will find a way to penetrate into your ceilings, damage them, and cause roof leakages. Leaving your gutters unclogged really has a lot of negative effects. Try to clean it up by all means. On Vacuumcleaners4u you can learn more about how to clean your gutters with the right gutter cleaning system.

Lawn Mowing Safety Tips

Many people dive into moving without bothering to read instructions or get adequate information. To them if one needs to mow, one should simply get a lawnmower and get right to it, after all, how hard can it be?

Well, mowing is more technical than many people think, and one needs a lot of information on how to mow effectively to get the best results.

Since you’re reading this article then there’s a big chance you wish to know how to use your lawnmower safely and efficiently. Congratulations! All the information you’ve been searching for is right here. Grab a chair, rest your back and let’s get to business.

Tips for Safe and Efficient Lawn Mower Use

Safe and Efficient Lawn Mower Use

1. Pick the Correct Mower: Efficient lawn mowing starts with one foundational step– buying the right equipment. Now, we have different kinds of lawn. Some are big, others are small.

Some have tough grass in them while others have grass that is easy to manage. Whatever the case may be for your garden, do make sure that when you set out to buy or borrow a lawnmower, you choose the correct one for your lawn.

For lawns that are no more than 500sq. Ft big reel lawnmowers are a good option. Their simple and noiseless nature make them ideal for small and medium-sized lawns.

Larger lawns, however, can benefit from a power mower. This is not only because power mowers are faster but because they have mulching and grass-catcher options which make cleaning up faster and easier. Riding mowers are also powerful, but if you don’t have a lawn that is at least one acre big then, you don’t need a riding mower.

Also, a battery-powered mower model is a good choice. They are considerably less noisy than their petrol-powered counterparts. Plus, they don’t run on fuel or oil.

This model has no cord. Therefore, it is fast dominating the electric mower market especially as manufacturers are now making reliable cordless mower products.

2. Ensure the Mower is Always in Good Condition: It is expedient that before any mowing begins you examine the blade area of the mower. Look for obstructions in this area especially if the mower has just been bought. Also, the machine’s moving parts could use a little oil if you notice that they feel tight.

The blades of a new mower are not usually as sharp as many people believe it to be. When you purchase your mower make sure to sharpen it blades before use.

Plus, if your mower has lasted for more than a year then there’s a big chance that the blades have become blunt and need sharpening. The danger of using blunt blades on your lawn is that it leaves the lawn looking rough. Sharp blades are much safer than blunt ones. You could learn how to sharpen your blade yourself or visit your local hardware store.

3. Set a Correct Wheel Height: The perfect height to which you can cut warm-season grasses like zoysia is from 1/2 inch to 2 inches, at the very most. Cold season grasses like fescue should be between 3 and 3 1/2 inches.

You can change the cutting height of your mower by raising or lowering its wheels. You can examine the side of your mower for switches with which you can adjust the wheels’ height.

There are now modern mowers which have a spring-loaded adjustment feature. This feature allows you to use one lever to change the height of the four wheels.

4. Tidy Up Your Lawn Before Mowing: Don’t just start mowing your lawn without clearing away all the obstacles in it. If your mower encounters any of the obstacles the machine may get destroyed.

Besides, because the trimmer will be working at high speed, the object could get propelled and hit someone. So, immediately before mowing, use a rake to gather all the loose stones, toys, cans, fallen branches or bottles on your lawn. Note the position of other objects like pipes that cannot be removed and avoid them when mowing.

5. Mow Early in The Morning: If you want your lawn to look great always, make it a habit to mow very early in the morning. You should also trim as regularly as you need to.

If your grass grows vigorously then you should expect to mow nothing less than one time in a week. When the weather is very warm or very wet there may be a need to mow more often. However, rather than set a mowing schedule, you can simply let the height of the grass guide you.

Note that healthy lawns usually require frequent mowing. This is because grasses can only remain lush when you remove a third or less of new growth at a given time

6. Use the Right Mowing Pattern: The ideal way to mow your lawn is through a back and forth pattern and not by moving in a spiral. When mowing, let you pace be brisk.

You do not want to be too slow because then the grass will catch and choke the blade. Maintain the back and forth pattern even if you’re using a riding mower. When mowing around a tree or flower bed, go around the obstacle in two laps. The two laps should be in different directions.

Also, you tend to get impressive results when you mow in half-lap passes. Make sure the new pass overlaps the former one by half of the mower’s width. This is not as hard as you’re imagining it to be. In fact, it doesn’t take too much time or energy since the mower will function smoothly. This technique also allows you to cut grass thoroughly and neatly.

It is best that you change up the mowing pattern every now and then. This will prevent the mower wheels from forming small ruts in your lawn. It will also help your grass stand straight since the mower won’t be beating it down in the same direction every time.

7. Tidy Up Your Lawn After Mowing: The only reason why you can leave clippings on your lawn after mowing is if you want to let the cut grass pieces serve as fertilizer to the soil for healthier growth.

Even so, you must use a mulching mower since they chop grass into tiny pieces for the soil to easily absorb. If this is not the case, then you must always gather the grass clipping together with a rake after every cutting session and dispose of them. Don’t forget to wipe your blades clean and apply oil on all the moving parts of the machine to avoid rust.

Extra Tips

  • Install a mower strip around your lawn to trim grasses much more smoothly.
  • Tackle sloppy areas by moving across the slope when mowing instead of going up and down. This will help you prevent accidents. However, when using a riding mower, you can go up and down. This pattern is safer with this mower type.
  • For the sake of safety, make sure there are no children playing around when you’re mowing. Also, don’t let kids ride with you if you’re using a riding mower.
  • Mow your lawn only when the grass is dry. Wet grasses can be slippery. They can also clog your blade and stick to your mower in a messy manner. Besides, when you cut wet grasses, they become vulnerable to fungal attack.
  • When the discharge chute or blade of your machine gets clogged and the motor begins to puff, kill the engine. Then, once the blade stops turning, raise the mower. and remove the dirt.


Successfully maintaining a healthy lawn is a thing of pride. No matter how tough it appears to be at first, you will eventually get used to it and find that it isn’t so hard after all.

5 Incredible Treadmill Hacks That Can Help Shave More Pounds

To lose weight, you need to do more than run at the same speed and slant every time you exercise. By sticking to only one duration, speed and incline, you limit the calorie-burning power of the exercises, and you may even wind up getting bored.

The good thing about using a treadmill is that you can always tweak the settings of the machine such that you can do both mild running exercises and tedious muscle-building sprints. Shaving as many pounds as you want will be easy if you use these five tricks and tips.

1. Change Things Up

According to an exercise physiologist at Running Strong in Atlanta, GA, Janet Hamilton, the function of exercise in weight loss seems simple. After all, we exercise to burn calories, and burning calories is easy when you intensify or increase the duration of the workout.

Treadmill Change Things Up

However, this is where the problem lies: intense exercises means you’re working close to your maximum heart rate. Of course, this also suggests that you tend to tire quickly. Meanwhile, slow, comfortable exercises do not do much in terms of weight loss, at least not in a short time.

With this in mind, what is the balance? It’s simple. Janet Hamilton recommends that on certain days you can do your usual 20 to 30 minutes exercises a little bit faster. On other days, elongating your workout sessions while doing them slower will make a huge difference.

2. Having Trouble with Inclines? Why Not Do it the Smart Way.

It sounds effortless when your instructor asks you to increase your incline and burn more colonies. Hamilton explains that while most people are aware of how slopes help to burn more fat, they get on the treadmill, start the slope, and hold on for dear life, completely losing consciousness of this simple fact.

Hamilton goes ahead to advise that perhaps settling the incline and forgetting about it is not the most effective way. Instead, you can pretend that you’re in the outdoors, really climbing a hill. Learn to climb a hill with the same ease you’re going at a flat road. Now, this can require that you reduce your speed a little. Even so, it provides ample opportunity to strengthen your legs and hips.

Janet Hamilton also suggests that you try incline intervals. Set the incline between 2 and 4% for 1 or 2 minutes, while letting your speed drop 0.1 or 0.2. Reduce your slope to 0 for the same amount of time and repeat. You can proceed to work on speed once you’ve learned how to minimize your effort on the incline.

3. Master Your Speed

Treadmill Master Your Speed

If you wish to save time on your workouts while still getting your desired result, one way to do that is by adding intervals to your workouts. Research in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise revealed that ladies tend to burn fatter when they do sprints for 2 minutes and rest for 3 minutes. On the other hand, ladies who go the slow and steady route barely see any result.

Again, Hamilton advises that you begin with intervals in 1:2 or 1:1 ratio. In other words, you need to increase your speed for 30 to 60 seconds and then reduce it for the same time duration or double.

She also suggests that you pick a speed that you can hold for between 2 and 5 minutes. However, you can still increase the intensity if you feel up to it. Get accustomed to these exercises before pushing yourself any harder.

4. Sometimes, You Need to Keep Going

There are times when you have enough energy to exercise longer. Hamilton claims that by merely doing a longer workout, you can get rid of about 50 percent more calories. If you used to do 20 minutes before, you can up your calorie-burning game by increasing the duration to 30 minutes.

Ideally, you need not do this every day. It isn’t advised. Simply choose days when you switch things up a little and run for longer. You get to burn a lot of fat this way.

5. Keep Doing Other Workouts Too!

As suggested in a study released in The Journal of Applied Physiology, the best way to burn calories is not by doing the same set of exercises every time. For the best result, you need to know how to blend resistance training with intervals while mastering endurance and stretching.


Yes! You are now well equipped to start your pound shaving journey anew. You don’t think these tips will work? Why not try and see for yourself? Good luck!

What Is Mulching And Benefits Of Mulching

The process wherein you cover the soil surface with material to add some extra moisture and nutrients to the plantation is known as mulching. This material can be anything from fallen leaves, tiny pieces of grass or compost. Following such steps discourages weed germination, keep the soil in its natural state and hence your garden or lawn look more attractive.

Apart from that, mulching saves you from the extra expense of chemically rich fertilizers that are also harmful to the environment. Some of the expert gardeners must know about the process. However, this post is useful for those who don’t know how to mulch and what are its advantages.

What Is Mulching And Benefits Of Mulching

What Is Mulching?

What is mulching

If you have purchased it even once, you will know what is mulch. Once you have some mulch, you only have to spread it across an area over the flower beds, lawn grass or tree roots. You can make your mulch using a lawnmower with mulching functionality.

You can also utilize fallen leaves or kitchen waste to make some organic compost and use it as a mulch. You can see the best mulching lawnmowers UK here.

What Are The Benefits of Mulching?

What are the benefits of mulching

It’s easy to guess that mulching is one of the best things that you can do with your garden or lawn. Not only it creates a protective layer that keeps the grass bed safe from harsh sun rays, but mulching also provides a variety of nutrients to the soil by decomposition. However, there is more to the process that you can imagine.

Weed control: Mulching is one of the best ways to prevent weed growth in your yard. Mulch becomes a barrier between sunlight and weeds. So, you will not have to deal with any unwanted plantation if you follow the mulching process.

Maintain moisture: Mulch prevents excess evaporation from soil and hence retains moisture for a long time. Hence, mulching in the summer season is beneficial for your plants as well as water bills.

Prevents erosion of soil: Mulch keeps the moisture safe inside the soil for long, which is right. You might not know that it also stops rainwater to take away soil from your lawn. Due to mulch, the water flow breaks and makes a minimal impact on your soil bed.

How To Mulch?

One of the best things about mulching is it’s easy. You can even find the most suitable mulch material in your lawn or yard. However, you would require a mower with a mulch plug. Lawnmowers with mulching ability cut the grasses into tiny pieces before sending them back to the grass bed. Something like WORX WG744.

No need to be confused here, because you are not doing anything different. Mow your garden as you usually do, just engage the mulch plug. So that the mower can shift its focus towards mulching instead of simply cutting the grasses.

You can also use a lawnmower to mulch fallen leaves. Use a rake or garden blower to evenly distribute them across the lawn and then use a mower like you normally do. Some of the leaves might be a tough cake for your mower. So, when you notice large chunks of leaves, then go over them from different angles for best mulching results.

What Is The Best Time To Mulch?

What are you trying to achieve? The best mulching time depends upon the answer. As we know that the mulch works as an insulation layer between the soil and the rest of our environment. So, mulching the soil bed in the summer season will keep it cool. In the winters, mulch will protect the soil from deep freezing. Mulched soil warms up slowly in the spring, and cools even more slow in the fall.

If you own a flower or vegetation garden, then spring is the best time for mulching, when the soil is already warm. Excess cool or wet soil for prolonged duration might not be suitable for seed germination and it can even decay them. You can also apply the mulch late in the fall, right before the coldest season arrives. Following the mulching right before the winters might attract rodents and pests when they look for warm living space. Keep in mind that you should never mulch grasses with a length of more than 7 cm.


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How To Choose A Shower Head

A shower head one of the primary components of your bathroom that makes it functional. Easy to use, such fixtures give you a feeling of comfort and also makes your lifestyle convenient. These are the primary reasons why it’s crucial to look for one of the best shower heads that can suit your style as well bathroom.

However, you need to know the available types of showerheads prior to that. It will help you to match the appearance as well as dimensions so that you can choose an appropriate model for your bathroom.

How To Choose A Shower Head

# Ceiling Mountable Shower Heads

Ceiling Mountable Shower Head

You can install a ceiling spray head anywhere in the bathroom. Such a showerhead does not need a wall for support and hence its suitable for small bathing areas. Not only it will save some space, but you will also get comfortable space to clean yourself without much movement. There are two form factors available in the category of ceiling mountable showerheads. According to Homegearable, read the reviews of ceiling mounted rain shower.

Concealed ceiling shower heads: Suitable for modern washrooms, a concealed ceiling head comes with minimalistic and elegant design. Built on the best available plumbing technologies, such showerheads add luxury to your washroom and give it a unique appearance.

Check the HNBMC Bathroom set, which comes with a 20 inch concealed shower head and a handheld. There are multiple spray modes that you can use depending upon the mood. Moreover, there are LED lights that change according to the temperature.

Ceiling shower head with arm: Available in round, oval, square and some other customized form factors, these ceiling showerheads use a connecting arm. Such showerheads are available with a variety of finishes as well as useful features.

Whether you need to deal with low water pressure or you need a cost-effective bathing solution for your bathroom, ceiling shower heads are suitable. Check the SR SUN RISE 12 Inch Rain Shower that has a very attractive shape and brushes nickel finish.

# Wall Mount Shower Heads

wall mount shower head

Another category of the shower heads that attaches to your bathroom wall. Suitable for both compact and large washrooms, a wall-mounted showerhead is available in a variety of designs and finishes. So, whether you have a traditional bathing area or a vintage washroom, you can find one of these showerheads to suit the purpose.

Built-in wall shower heads: If your bathroom needs to look aesthetically excellent than you should look for a built-in wall head. You can also try a shower panel like ROVOGO Tower, which is somewhat different from the inbuilt, but serves the same purpose; make your bathroom stylish and luxurious.

Wall mountable shower heads with arm: Apart from the built-in models and shower columns, wall-mountable showerheads also use an arm to assemble. You can check the SR SUNRISE 10-inch shower combo that can suit any of the bathrooms. Its sleek design suits any of the interior décor while the brushed nickel finish mixes well with other fixtures.

# Matt Black Shower Heads

Matt black shower heads

Black matte finish looks elegant and matches a bathroom décor like no other. There are multiple showerheads available with the same finish that you can choose according to your style and available space. Round and square-shaped shower heads are the most common in this category. Check the KOHLER 72419-BL, which is one of the best shower heads with a matte black finish.

Final Talk

Modern showerheads are available with multiple spray modes and several other interesting features like LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, Air energy technology to deal with low water pressure, silicon nozzles for better cleaning, ceramic valve for leakage-free experience and so on. As there are many options available, it’s not a big deal to find something suitable for your bathroom after spending a few minutes on Amazon. Look for an option that suits your bathroom décor, space and finally your budget.


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Common Commercial Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

In this article we’re going to discuss about some misconceptions about commercial carpet cleaning.

Let’s check out;

Myth 1: You Should Wait For Long Before Cleaning A Carpet

Carpets are designed to hide dirt. They can collect pounds of debris within a few days. Dry sand is similar to sandpaper; every time you put your foot on the carpets, they will grind more into the carpets.

If you leave the carpet in the same condition for a prolonged period, it will start looking worn out and damaged. Even if you use a high-quality carpet vacuum, the carpet will not return to its original appearance.

What will happen if you scratch a mirror with sandpaper? Can you undo the effects of cleaning or any other method? The same thing happens with the carpets.

Hence, your only ally is a carpet vacuum that can keep the carpets clean and new looking for a long time. Do not wait to vacuum clean the carpets; it will only double the damage, and you have to invest in a new carpet soon.

Myth 2: Dirt Is The Only Reason For Carpet Cleaning

Dirt Is The Only Reason For Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are nothing less than a significant germ attractor. Not only soil from the shoes, but a rug also traps pollutants, toxins, and pathogens, while it circulates in the air.

Tobacco smoke is an excellent example of such compounds, which contains over 4, 000 chemicals. Out of them, 43 are toxic to human health and cause cancer.

Even if you do not smoke, this poisonous substance can enter your house via shoes. So, maintain a clean working environment by regular cleaning of carpets; not only to remove the debris but also to kill the allergens and other microbial.

Myth 3: You Should Not Use Hot Water For Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective way for carpets, primarily when accomplished by professionals. Hot water or moisture can only harm the carpets when it’s done by a poorly trained individual.

Moisture can further damage the carpets if it is subjected to over steaming or over-shampooing. You should also let the carpets dry before you place furniture or any other objects on them.

Myth 4: Having The Right Machine Is All You Need To Clean The Carpets

Right Machinefor Clean The Carpets

You can purchase a high-quality carpet vacuum, but if you or the cleaning staff don’t know how to use it? Then your investment will not be the worth.

So, you will need qualified cleaning staff that can handle a carpet or commercial carpet cleaner (see the top products in UK). Even if you contact a professional cleaning service, make sure they have a trained team; otherwise, you will be paying for minimal work.

Myth 5: A Company Offering The Cheapest Cleaning Package Is The Best

Not, a low priced deal may not include the services you want. Or it may include additional costs at the billing time. If it sounds ridiculously low, then there has to be some catch.

Even if there are no price differences, it means the company is using uninsured machines or a workforce that is not trained enough to use a carpet vacuum. So, while choosing a carpet cleaning service – look for qualified professionals, not low prices.

Myth 6: You Can Get An Honest Quote For Carpet Cleaning Over The Phone.

We all wish it to be correct, but actually, it’s not. An honest cleaning company can only give you a quote after inspecting the cleaning area; how dirty the carpets are what is the level of cleaning till date.

There are different types of rugs, including synthetic, fibers, plush, pile, and weaved. What kind of carpets you have in the office or house? The quote will vary according to the same.

Myth 7: Eco-friendly Cleaning Services Are Not Worth It

Of course, they are. Naphthalene and Perchloroethylene, two of the six toxic substances found in the carpet cleaning products.

A sniff once in a while cannot be a problem, but think about a working environment wherein these poisonous compounds are gripped inside the carpets. Protect everyone who walks on your carpets, prefer eco-friendly cleaning products and services.

7 Benefits Of Indoor Exercise Bike

If you want to know about the benefits of exercise bike workout, you should read the article because we will discuss the gains from exercise bike workout.

The exercise keeps your body fit and strengthens your muscles, heart, lungs, and bones. It burns your fats and helps you to lose weight. It is also safer than outside cycling. To know more, read the detail which is written below.

1. Burns Fat:

To burn the fats, you can depend on the exercise bike workouts. It is very productive because if you do indoor exercise bike workout controls your serum lipids.

If you consume low- calories diets with it, that will more effective and also help you to manage your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. If you want to burn your fats, you can cycle about an hour 3-4 days per week and eat low- fat meals; you can burn your fats easily.

2. Losing Weight:

If you want to lose weight, stationary bikes are one of the best solutions. It is very effective, and you can burn 500- 600 calories in an hour according to your intensity during your exercise on the indoor exercise bikes.

If you want to lose your weight, you have to burn your fats and control your lipids, and for that, you have exercise frequently.

3. Improvement of Heart Health:

An indoor cycle workout is a great option for improving your heart rate. It helps your heart pumping also controls your blood pressure. Exercise improves your sugar level and flow of blood and oxygen all over your body.

4. Improves Your Overall Health:

Improves Your Overall Health

Workout on stationary bikes helps to improve your health mentally and physically. It strengthens your immune system and gives to more energy.

It enhances your brain functioning; as a result, it makes your memory better and helps to de-stress yourself and make your mood cheerful. It helps you to make you healthy; consequently, you get better sleep.

Get cross training stationary bike it will help you workout full body physically and mentally. Firstlightcycling.com provied the top qulity cross training stationary bike check ther list.

5. Strengthen the Lower Body:

Cycling is a great way to strengthen your leg, lower back muscles. If you use high levels of resistance while pedaling, it will be more effective and increase your hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps and boost your leg, back, and core muscles.

If you have handled it on your bike, you can do your hand exercise; as a result, you can increase the strength of your muscles in shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

So, to strengthen your body, exercise on indoor bikes is very helpful.

6. Better than Outdoor Cycling:

Sometimes you can face many hassles when you go for any outdoor exercise like cycling. When you go out for cycling, you have to consider a lot of things like time, traffic, road conditions, weather, etc.

If you exercise indoors, you don’t have to think about these matters. You can ride anytime if its day or night, sunny or rainy, cold or hot. Sometimes outdoor cycling causes unwanted accidents because of some careless drivers, broken roads, etc.

So, we can say indoor cycling is better than outdoor cycling, and it is effective too.

7. More Effective in Less Time:

Exercise bikes are very beneficial. You can burn more calories with the bike in less time. If you work out intensely, you can burn more fats.

There are resistance levels in the exercise bike. You can change it according to your strength. The more intense your resistance, the more calories will burn in less time. But you also consider your power because otherwise, it will affect negatively.

An indoor exercise bike helps you to get fit in any situation. You can also see your progress immediately and even set goals. Therefore it is constructive and gives you a healthy fit body.

Can You Use an Impact Driver as a Drill?

Have you ever wondered why Pneumatic impact drivers have been such a standard tool in auto repair shops?

This is because the device offers an impressive level of power to driven objects without really shifting this power to the driver. Especially when it comes to removing and replacing lug nuts, the impact driver has been found to play a critical role. A lug wrench can probably perform this task.

However, it will require a lot of effort. On the other hand, an impact driver can do this with almost no effort at all.

Recent technological improvements have seen to the production of another variant of the impact driver– the cordless impact driver.

While this driver isn’t really as strong as to remove and reinstall lug nuts on vehicles, they, nevertheless, have diversified functions both in and around the home and in woodworking shops. What are these different functions that a cordless impact driver can perform? This article explains them all and also you’ll learn can you actually use an impact driver as a drill?

Is an Impact Drill a Hammer Drill?

The answer is NO. It’s not hard to see why so many people confuse an impact drill for a hammer drill. Fine. Their appearance is roughly similar, and stores, where these tools are sold, tend to jumble everything together.


But a hammer drill and an impact driver, though alike, play distinct roles in a workshop or job site. A hammer drill usually pushes the bit in and out of the hole that is being drilled. In contrast, the bit of an impact driver works through a turn-stop-turn-stop movement, usually done at high speed. This rapid motion is what helps the tool to achieve its power and torque while not transferring any torque to the operator.

Driving Screws with an Impact Driver

Like we said before, impact drivers offer additional torque. As such, users can use this smaller tool to tackle a task that is difficult for other equipment to handle. For example, imagine that you’re to construct a deck using pressure-treated lumber. This project will require you to drive multiple three-inch wood screws into the lumber. Now, if you were to use a standard 18-volt cordless drill (check the top products this year), this task will put a lot of strain on the batteries. However, a cordless impact driver will push the screw quicker without even having to strain you or itself. How awesome is that?

Drilling with an Impact Driver

In case you’re wondering g if an impact driver can be used as a drill, the answer is a definite YES. In fact, if you want a hole that is neatly and clearly drilled with a spade, but then you should try using an impact drill. When it comes to drilling with a spade bit one major issue is that when you’re drilling large diameter holes, usually those between 1/2-inch and 1-3/8 inches, the bit tends to nip the hole or get stuck in it. If this happens with a cordless or high torque power drill, the rotation that is being applied to the bit by the drill’s engine will shift to the body of the drill and thus twist the tool in the hands of the user. In situations like this, the drill either slips from the user’s hands or the torque of the twisting drill will transfer to the operator.

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The risk of this kind of incident is significantly reduced when you’re working with an impact driver. Because of this, the impact driver has become one of the best tools for plumbers and electricians, especially those that need to drill many larger holes when wiring. At the very least, impact drivers make their tasks easy and save them from sprained wrists.

impact driver

Impact Drivers are Chuck-less?

One of the features of a standard drill, whether corded or cordless is the common keyed or keyless chuck that usually comes with it. An impact driver does not come with this three-jaw slip chuck component. What the tool has, however, is a quick change 1/4-inch hex chuck. This chuck type is known to reduce the overall body length of the tool. Meanwhile, this allows the impact driver to be contained in smaller spaces where traditional drills usually will not fit into. Apart from this, the hex chuck helps to speed up bit changes, thus making them quicker than conventional chuck.

The one limitation of the hex chuck is that only 1/4-inch hex shank bits can be used in the chuck. Nevertheless, a majority of spade and driver bits can work with this standard 1/4-inch hex size.

The Strengths of an Impact Driver

The attractive feature of an impact driver is no doubt its versatile nature. Think about it. This tool has got great power which is supplied by the impact motion. It also has a small engine which means a not-so-heavy battery and yet the motor is powerful enough to last long while providing a tremendous amount of torque. Even larger cordless drills may not last as long as this tool does. The importance of this advantage that impact drills have becomes obvious when you need to use the tool for long hours.

As if all these are not enough, the tool is portable enough that it can be stored in the tool belt of electricians, carpenters, and plumbers while they are working. Isn’t that just impressive! This arrangement cannot work for a cordless drill as they’re so big one would need to carry them about separately. Finally, the additional torque and power that an impact drill provides always prove useful in the workshop. Only a few tools can rival it.

Compared to standard cordless screwdrivers and drills, impact drivers have higher speed and torque. As such, you need to apply a great deal of care when using it. You need to avoid driving the screw head far past the wood surface or farther than you want it to go. If you keep this in mind, you’ll appreciate the results of your impact driver.

How Do You Adjust A Reel Mower?

Getting a well-manicured lawn involves a lot of work. An excellent place to start is to get a reel mower. If you have one already, that’s a good thing. However, you do need to know how to adjust your reel mower so that it can cut your grass cleanly and smoothly. If not, your mower will not work as efficiently as it ought to. The reel mower is also known as a hand lawn mower.

Therefore, how do you adjust a reel mower? This exact question is what we’ll be providing answers to in this post. Do well to keep reading.

How To Adjust A Reel Mower

A-Reel-MowerWhen it comes to mowing grass and keeping it groomed, the grass should never be torn from the soil. If this is done, it could leave wounds on the grass and cause diseases. Therefore, to make sure that your reel mower trims the lawn accurately, ensure that the blades are adjusted the right way.

Before looking at how to adjust the blades, you must know how a reel mower works.

A reel lawn mower cuts grasses by pushing the grass against a horizontal cutting bar. It does this using a twisted cut blade. The bar is located at the base of the machine. What this means is that the bent blades need to be within reach of the bar every time.

Let’s look at how you can tune the blades of your reel mower finely to achieve a clean-cut lawn.

  • Step 1: Find the Right Position

Begin by placing your reel mower on a working table. Make sure to use an arresting system, if you have one, to prevent the cylinder from cycling. If you don’t have an arresting hook, hook the blades using a piece of wood.

  • Step 2: Do Your Assessment

Now is the time to inspect your reel mower and determine it’s a current state. To do this, remove the arresting system and turn the reel. If you hear any scraping sound, it means the blades are too close to the metal bar. Also, if the blades move too freely, it means they are too far from the cutting bar.

  • Step 3: Performing the Adjustment

To adjust your reel mower, there are four screws that you must tamper with. Two are situated on the reel itself while the other two are on the cutting bar.

Using a flat screwdriver, turn the screws that are on the sides of the reel. If you tighten it slightly, you can move the blades near the cutting bar. This is what to do when the blade and chatting bar are too far apart. However, to move the blades away from the cutting bar, loosen the screws slightly.

Once you’re through with the reel, move to the cutting bar. If you move the screw in an opposite motion to the screws on the reel, you’ll be able to bring the cutting bar closer or farther away from the blades.

  • Step 4: Make Regular Assessments

Quality-of-CutAs you rotate the screws on the reel and cutting bar, take a few minutes to turn the reel and see if they are in a perfect position. If they are not, keep adjusting until you get the positioning is right.

To know whether or not you have gotten the right distance between the cutting bar and blade, pass a piece of paper through the blade. If it cuts smoothly in a scissors-like manner, then your reel mower is well-set.

You do have to note that a small movement of the adjustment screws can cause a significant result on the reels or cutting bar. On a basic level, various models have standard screw positioning. Otherwise, check the user’s manual.

Always move your hands out of the way quickly when turning the reels to check the adjustments. This is to avoid cutting yourself in any way. Once you get the setting right, you’re done, and you now have a well-adjusted reel mower.

Final words

Reel mowers are very easy to use and maintain. If you adjust the machine the right way before using it, you will have a healthy, well-trimmed lawn. You need to carry out the maintenance of your reel mower immediately you notice a drop in the performance of the reel mower. Thankfully, these mowers can work for months before any adjustment will be needed.

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What Is a Wet Dry Vac?

To any shop or house owner, the importance of a wet and dry vacuum cannot be overemphasized. Not many vacuums can offer the kind of convenience and versatility that this cleaner provides.

Besides, because of the way it is designed, it has excellent potential environment wise.

Perhaps you’re wondering, What is a wet dry vac? How does a wet dry vac work?

Look no further. Every detail has been explained in this article. Read on.

What Is a Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

Though the wet and dry vac has many similarities with the essential canister vacuum, it is uniquely built to clean both liquid spills and dry dirt. This kind of cleaner was first being made to tackle heavy cleaning, usually in commercial buildings. Nowadays, they come in sizes that are more suitable for domestic use.

One thing that stands the wet-dry vacuum out is its added advantage of being able to sweep wet spots. This is because the electrical components of the vacuum’s interior are not only well-insulated but also differently housed to make the device work like it should. As a result, the machines pose no threat of electrocution to their users.

While the wet-dry vacuum does not require much maintenance, it is crucial that you carry out the little maintenance that it needs appropriately. Note that you’ll need to clean filters regularly, or have them replaced after using them extensively.

How is a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Designed?

Basically, a wet-dry vacuum has a simple design. The vacuum uses a two bucket system in place of a vacuum bag to store solid and liquid waste separately.

wet and dry vacuum cleaner

This cleaner picks up dirt using an intake port which journeys through a tube with the liquids and debris. Then, there’s a decrease in airflow over the buckets. The result of this is that the air’s grip loosens, allowing liquids and heavy dirt to escape the air current and drop into the buckets.

Afterwards, the air steam is taken through a motorized fan and then goes out through the exhaust port. Compared to other standard cleaners, the air expelled in the wet-dry vacuum contains less dirt because the vacuum melts dirt and debris in the water contained in the bucket.

Interestingly, you’ll find that some wet-dry vacuum models are built with a blower function which makes them able to release out and draw in air swiftly. This function comes in handy when there’s a need to pile up debris like leaves before cleaning them up. Vacuums with this feature are great for those who clean and clear dirt regularly, whether indoors or outdoors.

Generally, all vacuums come with several attachments. These attachments can be suitable for different surface areas like mats, floors, car seat and others. Some accessories have narrow endings so that they can reach spots and corners that aren’t easily accessible. Others are brushes that help scrub off dust and debris so they can easily be sucked up by the hose.

Types of Wet and Dry Cleaners

Large: Though the largest wet and dry cleaners are quite bulky and heavy, they get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Naturally, this cleaner has the most significant capacity as well.

Medium: While the medium-sized wet and dry vac does not have as much capacity as the large ones, they are a good compromise when you consider their size. Performance-wise, they do get the job done no matter the situation.

Small: With a small handheld vacuum, you won’t have to worry about bulkiness or shortage of storage space. Even so, you should understand that you’ll be giving up the performance and capacity that larger vacuums offer for portability.

Mini: Again, you’ll be sacrificing capacity if you choose this vacuum. The upside, however, is that they’re lightweight and easy to store and drag around.

How to Use a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

It takes only the click of a button to get the vacuum started or adjust the cleaner’s functional ability. Notwithstanding, the machine uses two different kinds of filters because it sucks up both liquid spillages and dry dirt. For liquids and watery substances, a foam filter is used while a paper filter is dedicated to dust particles and debris.

When changing tasks, the filters will need to be changed as well. The dirt bucket should be emptied immediately after cleaning liquid wastes to prevent stagnant water buildup in the hose and bucket. By merely placing the tube in a bucket of water and turning the cleaner on, you can successfully empty the inner bucket once it is full.

Uses of a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Can be used to unblock sinks and baths. Simply set the machine to the blower, and it’ll provide enough pressure to remove obstructions.
  • Can clean floors as well as curtains and upholstery like ordinary vacuums because they come with attachments for cleaning different surfaces.
  • They quickly suck up ashes and can, therefore, be used to clean fireplaces
  • They can effectively tackle household water disasters and flooding from burst pipes.
  • They can clean up leaves in the garden using the blower function
  • They’re useful for cleaning carpets and sucking up wood shavings after a DIY project.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Buying Tip

You should always watch out for a vacuum with a 2½-inch hose while hunting for your wet-dry vac. Compared to 1¼-inch hoses, tubes of this size tend to function more rapidly and with less clogging. When choosing a vacuum, you must also consider what you intend using it for, how often you’ll need to move it and the available storage space. All these will guide you as you make your pick.


When you think about it, wet and dry vacuums are quite necessary. This is, of course, aside from the fact that the versatility and efficiency of those designed for heavy-duty cleaning are far greater than anything a standard cleaning device can offer.

Nevertheless, they’re easy to manage and will meet most, if not all, of your cleaning needs. The trick is to buy one that best fits your situation and keep it well maintained.

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